About Us

We fulfill the design, visual and creative needs of your business
VisualBox Solutions based in Suriname S.A. started its operations in 2013.

As a development company with over 8 years of experience we’re able to offer custom and effective business solutions that can easily be adapted or extended to comply with future changes, needs and policies within any organization.

With a professional highly trained team of curious people that share a passion for creating digital experiences that generate greater results, makes us different from the rest.



The way VisualBox Solutions operates is based on integrity, pragmatism and dedicated commitment to each project.

To achieve trust of our clients and partners, we work on:

    • further standardization of our business processes,
    • continuously choosing proven and widely accepted concepts and technologies for software and
    • the ability to critically evaluate our methods and actions ‐ both during and after each project.


Our first priority is to meet the satisfaction of our clients and to provide in their demands by developing digital services that can add value to their relevant target audiences. To achieve this, we make use of professional quality systems, flexible attitudes, the constantly improving technical knowledge, highly specialized advices, market knowledge and we dedicate ourselves to each individual project.


VisualBox Solutions is working continuously to be the leading provider of IT Solutions and Digital Services. Together with people who share our passion and the great working environment we offer our customers unprecedented value

VisualBox Solutions

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